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With healing we learn to trust the flow again, and trust ourselves to be able to ride the currents we experience in the ocean of life.

Following many years of doing healing work, personally and with those close to us, we now feel called to assist others on their healing journey. So much of ‘healing’ is about making peace with, and reuniting, aspects of ourselves; becoming our true expression again in this life. A vital part of this journey is also recognising what ISN’T aspects of ourselves!

Sometimes we all feel like we want a safe place to hide from the world. A place where we can be ourselves and be vulnerable without fear.
If you feel the call to share with us, we are very happy to assist you on your life/soul-path journey. We will pool our energy and work alongside you with whatever you are needing to face, or understand, or rediscover about your truth and your path. We can offer insights or a compassionate mirror where needed, or just provide a non-judgmental witness for anything you need to clear or make sense of in yourself. We trust that our combined and true intention to share in honesty together will bring through the insights or healing that are needed in that moment.

Life can feel like a confusing mess at times. Having someone else around can help us work out what is, and isn't our truth.

Riki and I usually work together to assist people, but can work separately too if someone only feels comfortable working with a particular gender. However, when we work together you get double the energy to hold space for your own healing needs and double the intuition to help you in discovering/remembering your truth or path again. Although both highly empathic and intuitive we also bring slightly different gifts to the work at times, for example Riki gets psychic messages a lot and Katy can channel deep unconditional love when needed so there is benefit to having us both there for you.

It is great to have a friend to share our healing journey with, not only for comfort and support, but also to help pick the bugs off us!

The Oxford Dictionary definition of:


1 – the action of helping someone by sharing work.
2 – the provision of money, resources, or information to help someone.

It is very important to us that it be stated that we are all equal. We are not above (or below) anyone else….this is why we offer ‘assistance’ on your own healing journey. We do not try to do it for you, we will not give the impression that we have all your answers and we will always endeavor not to allow any of our own ‘stuff’ to sway you on your journey. We deeply believe in empowerment for all and feel it is very damaging for a ‘healer’ or ‘guru’ or ‘counsellor’ to accidentally (or intentionally in some sad cases) disempower those who go to them for help. I have experienced this in the past, so have a very strong wish not to visit it on another! If we are doing things correctly, and wisely, we should be helping you find (or remember!) your own solutions 🙂


We can offer assistance/insight into situations such as:

Life/Soul-path direction
Rape/sexual abuse
Soul-loss and Fragmentation
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Spirit attachment/interference/psychic attack
Weight/food issues
Relationship dynamics/disfunction
Programming/conditioning and brain washing
Inner child hurts
Family dynamics
Emotional suppression
Creative suppression
Domestic abuse
Birth trauma

(this list is far from exhaustive of course)

Traumatic experiences can leave parts of us frozen, or lost, in a moment in time. With healing we can learn to thaw out again and be our own 'compassionate witness'
Our own personal experience in the past of desperately needing some help or insight, but not being able to afford the crazy fees a lot of people charge, has made us passionate that help shouldn’t only be restricted to those who have plenty of money!  We would like to be in a position where we can offer all help for free, but at this time we are still needing money to get by. We have decided that we feel more comfortable working for donations, rather than set fees.  If you are not in financial difficulty then please consider paying a reasonable amount for our time as this enables us to offer help to those who are not as fortunate. We will send you our paypal email address or bank details and you can donate whatever you feel happy with at the end of the session.  Any money we receive above what we need for daily living costs (we live simply) will go towards our plans to buy some land to create a healing community.  You can see our plans-to-date at harmonicommunity.org though the site needs some updating as I haven’t had chance to work on it for a while.

even though painful, our losses can often bring a wealth of understanding, compassion and a sense of our shared humanity to us.
If you are interested in journeying with us then please email us, giving us a little information about what you are facing or what you feel you need and we will see how we can assist you. Sessions can be in person or over skype/whatsapp/telephone as we are often moving around. We can also carry out remote healing then send you an email to tell you what we picked up/intuited whilst working on you if you prefer that, though it is usually better for you to be more involved.

We strongly believe that we are all in this life-thing together, and that we will all move forward and evolve more quickly if we share what we have come to know and understand in a bid to help others.  We all carry parts of the jigsaw…when we put those parts together we learn, grow and see the bigger picture together on this beautiful planet.  Thank you for your time.

Finding the space in ourselves to process and accept our life experiences brings us back to a centred place of peace, tranquility and quiet strength.

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